Chino Hills Water Damage

Hotel Water Damage

Water Damage Hotel Chino Hills

If you are a hotel manager or an owner call us immediately if you have a water damaged hotel room or an entire building flooded.  Water damage can occur from many sources including bath tub over flow, toilet backup or a sink left on by accident.

Another major source of water damage in buildings and hotels is a fire hose on the scene.

Drying Equipment Chino Hilla

Fire department will use high pressure hose to put out a small fire sprinkler damage or a major fire caused by various sources.

This was a famous hotel fire at the W Hotel in San Diego not too long ago.

“…San Diego Fire crews tried to help fix the flooding, but the damage done is more than the firefighters were prepared to handle.Water leak W Hotel Instead, an outside company that specializes in flooding cleanup was called in to deal with it…Guests rooms were not damaged in the flooding, hotel management told NBC 7. There was extensive damage to other areas of the hotel including some flooding into the lobby, they said…”

Guests were required to avoid some large flooding areas when a water line burst at the W hotel last Sunday night.

Water started leaking from the third floor, through the roof and down onto floors below around 8:00PM in the evening.

Guests noticed water flowing out of the elevators and spreading on to the hallways, rooms and the lobby. The hotel restaurant and the kitchen also got damaged by the water.

If you have a hotel water damage call us for immediate water extraction, equipment rental and a thorough assessment.